Sunday, January 11, 2015

In with the NEW, Out with the FLU!

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2015!  I was so optimistic at the end of the winter quarter!  I had plans of light tours, Christmas celebrations, baby's first hair cut, time with the hubs, and extra time to create and plan for my class and blog!  So day 1 of winter break brought CROUP for little man, followed by the FLU for the hubs just days later.  Of the 11 people on my side of the family, with whom we should have been celebrating Christmas, 8 were desperately ill!  Needless to say ALL Christmas and New Years celebrations were cancelled.  My to-do list went untouched, but I was so thankful to be home on break to take care of both my boys!

So, now that everyone is finally on the mend, the decorations have been taken down and packed away, and report cards have been sent home, I can set a goal to set more regular times to work on this blog as a New Year's Resolution!  At least I will try!

My sweet owlets have been working hard on problem solving with addition and subtraction!  With all of the different types of word problems they encounter, sometimes they really struggle.  As their teacher, I find it tough to find ways to keep problem solving fun and engaging.  However, one thing my kids can't get enough of is technology!  So, I've created what I hope will be the first of many sets of problem solving task cards, which include the use of QR codes!  Cute clipart--check, practice with important problem solving skills--check, use of technology--check, self-checking--check!  These are really going to be a HIT in my classroom!

Check back later this week, when I share with you the ways my class is learning all about the Civil Rights Movement in Georgia and how we're celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hootfully yours,


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