Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Sunday Scoop!

I'm soooooo excited to be linking up for the first time with the amazing teacher blogger gals from the Teaching Trio for their The Sunday Scoop Linky Party!  So here's my first copy of the Sunday Scoop!

 It's so much fun to join in on a linky party, because I feel like I get a glimpse into the lives and classrooms of some AMAZING TEACHERS!  It energizes me, even if I do get sucked into the vortex of wanting to read and check out every-other-blog-I-see!  For me, my "have-to" list is pretty mundane, but if I just quit procrastinating it would probably already be done!  Fortunately for me, the hubs will help with the meal planning and grocery shopping and my student teacher will be carrying most of the weight for the weekly lesson planning this week--that just leaves me the daunting task of weekly student progress notes!

Onto my "hope-to" list!  I've been reading all about how to "spice-up" my TPT store thanks to Christi at Ms. Fultz's Corner!  I can't wait to watch her tutorial and learn how to make my own store a little more eye-catching!  If I can get done with that in time, I hope to be sucked into the dramatic world of Downton Abbey before bed tonight! 

What do you ask am I always HAPPY TO DO?  That would be snuggle, cuddle, and kiss this sweet boy of mine!  It truly does not get much better than being his mommy!  This weekend I've been working so hard on finishing some new TPT products and updating my Owl Teach Social Media sites, that I have gotten enough kisses and love from him!  Tonight he and the hubs will be my FOCUS!

I would love for you to follow this little blog by adding your e-mail to the right, following me on Instagram, Facebook, and my TPT store!  I love learning from all of you and hope that you can learn a thing or two from me too!

Hootfully yours,
Lindsay, The Owl Teach

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Haley Wolgamot said...

Stopping by your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine :) Always glad to find another owl loving 2nd grade teacher!

I've got Downtown Abbey on the DVR... have to wait a bit to watch it!

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