Sunday, April 26, 2015

Love for Life Cycles

Life Cycles in Action

My little owl scientists are LOVING our new Life Cycles Unit!  In a little over a week’s time, we have managed to grow some grass indoors, with no help from the storms and pouring rain outside, AND watch our butterfly larva transform into pupas!  Our friend from Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar, even crawled in this week to help us celebrate our author celebration AND life cycle study!

In my class, we’ve been reading and learning about life cycles for a little over a week, and we’ve been recording the different stages in the life cycles of many animals’ lives in these Interactive Learning Journals.  This is a product that I’ve worked on for the last few years, and I’m so happy to finally have them updated, and ready for other teachers to use, too!  FYI-  This packet does include recording pages and mini-anchor charts for plant life cycles too!

Life Cycle Interactive Journals UNIT
Before we take our Animal Life Cycles Test this week, we are going to review by enjoying this Animals Life Cycles SCOOT!  My kids LOVE getting up and roaming the room during SCOOT activities, and this resource includes a variety of different question types to monitor student understanding of life cycles!
Animal Life Cycles SCOOT

Finally, in class tomorrow, we’re going to be making a Life Cycles Museum with different animal life cycle craft-ivities to display our understanding of life cycles in the hallway!  I can’t wait to see how these turn out!
Life Cycle Crafts BUNDLE

This week we’re going to tackle the life cycles of pumpkins, flowers, and bean plants!  I hope to have some new resources for these up soon, too.  Until then, you can check out all of these AWESOME Life Cycle Resources in my TPT Store!

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