Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tell All Tuesday: Top 10 List

I'm linking up again with My Day in K and Teach. Talk. Inspire. for Tell All Tuesday! This week's post is a Letterman Style Top 10 List...Top 10 Things Teaching has Taught Me!

Here's my Top 10 List:

10.  It doesn't matter WHAT has been happening in your day.  You could have had the MOST engaging, well-planned and executed day of teaching in the history of education...you're administrator(s) won't walk in during those brilliant moment.  However, he/she will walk in after you've just finished, or when you've sat down for 2 seconds to respond to an e-mail, or when a student is in the middle of a mega-meltdown!

9.  It's true...you'll never make everyone happy!  It's an important lesson to learn.  Your choices, lessons, time, etc. will always upset someone...it's ok!

8.  Kids say the MOST hilarious things.  Some are stories about home that their parents would be mortified they shared...sometimes it's a wild tale from their imagination...sometimes it's a word/phrase/joke they misunderstood.  WRITE THESE THINGS DOWN!  On your bad days...it's nice to go back and reread these funny things.  My personal favorite...my students were discussing their Zodiac signs... in relation to constellations...one of my kids told me he wasn't a Pisces...he was a vegetarian!

7.  I mean it...never stop buying books and school supplies...especially books!

6.  Kids NEED to play, laugh, and create EVERY DAY.  Academics are important, but time to be a kids is just as important!  So PLAY, LAUGH, and CREATE with them!

5.  You know that kid who is so poorly behaved and challenging...the one who gives you headaches/sleepless nights/ and more.  Well, he/she NEEDS YOU!  So so a prayer for patience and guidance and give them your love and attention!

4.  Don't plan on making a last minute copy or copies...the copier will be broken.

3.  If you're like me, you probably spend more time at school than you do at home with your family most days... learn to love and get along with your teammate...they'll be the ones to help you get through your long, trying days!

2.  There truly is nothing better than seeing a child's light bulb moment.  Maybe, it's when a child reads independently, ties his/her shoes for the first time, publishes his/her first story, or becomes an independent worker/thinker---it's the best and it's why we do what we do!

1.  I have "kids" who are entering college this fall.  They were my first babies...the first group to enter my heart...and they're still my babies.  No matter how many classes and students come and go...YOUR KIDS will always have a piece of you and you will always have a part of them.

Hootfully yours,



Tracy Ledford said...

Can I get a big AMEN for #6? This is huge for me, and I am so glad you put it on the list.

Megan Kirschbrown said...

My administrators love to walk in just as I'm taking a quick second to reply to a parent's text message...kids are all engaged in something, but it still never fails :)