Friday, July 10, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Make Your MASTERPIECE!

So I'm a little late in posting my Week 3 Challenge:  Make Your Masterpiece, but I'm excited to be sharing with you what I've been working on!  Thanks again to Sparkling in SecondThird in HollywoodPeppy, Zesty Teacherista, and Teach, Create, Motivate  for hosting this challenge!

So, truth be told, I fell in LOVE with OWLS and chose an owl theme long before any of the major school supply companies developed classroom decoration items with OWLS on them.  So, when I set up my Owl Themed room several years ago, I pieced my owl "stuff" together.  Some I made in Word (GASP!) and some I bought.  Over the last few years, more and more cute stuff has come out, but it still didn't fit my colors, personality, etc. perfectly.  Then, my all-time favorite Clip Art Designer, Krista Wallden, designer of Creative Clips, started coming out with owl clips that matched her other bright colors, and I decided to start redoing my owl decor.  Thus, my Make Your Masterpiece Challenge!


So far I have created the following sets:

This set includes full-sized, owl-themed, alphabet posters & directions for printing 2 and 4 to a page!

This set includes 28 labeled class job cards, 4 blank job cards, and Owl Name Circles for assigning student jobs.  This works perfectly in a pocket chart or on your board!

This includes 14 different name plate options, each with a blank and lined version!  Editable tags coming soon!

This includes #1-20, as full-paged posters, but I did include directions for printing more to a page in a smaller size.

These Owl Themed Table and Center Sign Pennants will be perfect hanging from a paper lantern over your tables and centers! Included are Owl Table Pennants for Tables 1-12, Center Signs for 12 Centers, and 6 Blank Pennants. This is perfect for labeling and organizing your owl themed classroom!

This includes 26 circular Word Wall Headers and 6 blank owl circles for customizing your Word Wall and/or book bins!

Coming soon:  Bright Owls Welcome Banner, Bright Owls Calendar Set, Bright Owls Supply Labels & Editable Labels, and Bright Owl Schedule Kit.  After these additional sets are completed, I will also be BUNDLING the WHOLE owl decor set!

I know that there are many owl decor sets on TPT and in stores these days.  However, this set matches my style and personality, and is finally a cohesive, bright, and cheerful collection to tie my whole room together.  I am very proud of how it is turning out, and I'm so glad that I finally found the time and push to get it in the works!

What other items do you look for in a classroom decor kit?

Hootfully yours,


Andrea Fancy said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE those!!! Krista Wallden is one of my favorite clip artists, too! I have a bunch of owl decorations in my classroom, but I think yours are much cuter than the ones I purchased in a store. I especially love the desk tags - sometimes I find they are too "busy" when there are bunch of colours and graphics, but yours are perfect :)
Maternelle avec Mme Andrea

Yukari said...

I love your masterpiece! It's bright without being too busy :) I hope you post pictures after you set-up your classroom! I would love to see these posters in action!

A Pinch of Kinder