Sunday, March 8, 2015

Birthday Weekend Giveaway

Friday was my 31st Birthday.  While many of my friends look at each added year of age as one step closer to "over the hill", I figure I might as well embrace it while I can!  I have a wonderful husband, perfect little boy, and awesome family and friends!

I had a great day at school with students and my teacher friends, drinks out with the girls after school, and date night with the hubs.  In fact, my amazing hubby really outdid himself with a special date night out for the two of us including dinner, a trip to Atlanta's Sky View Ferris Wheel, and drinks and desserts with some of our best friends.  It was one of my best birthdays to date!

So, I thought I'd host a little birthday giveaway here and on Instagram!  All you have to do is go to my TPT store, choose a product you would love for FREE and leave a comment with the product name below.  I will put all of your names in a hat and choose a winner tomorrow evening!  PS-If you follow me on Instragram you can get a second entry!

Hootfully Yours,
Lindsay, The Owl Teach

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