Friday, March 13, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Blog Hop & Instagram Inspiration

Hey Guys!

I'm SO EXCITED to be joining several new blogger  friends for Year2Tastic's 500 Instragram Followers Scavenger Hunt Blog Hop!  I'm telling you that  Laura has created a fun hop for all of us to share how we find teaching inspiration through Instragram!

Here's how this Blog-Hop Works::
1. Read this post and make a note of my letter.
2. Click on a link at the bottom to 'hop' onto one of my fab blogger friend's post!
3. Read their post and make a note of their letter.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3!
5. Head back to Year2Tastic and use the 'Contact Me' section to submit your letter string- 
There is no particular order to record the letters in- just ensure you have 6!
6. Once you have submitted your letters follow the steps on the Rafflecopter.
You can enter as many times as it allows you to over the course of the weekend.
Names with incorrect letter strings recorded will be deleted from the Rafflecopter 
and IT will then decide the winner!


Honestly, as of 3 short weeks ago I had no idea just what an awesome tool Instragram could be as a blogger and primary teacher.  In the span of about 6 months, I honestly thought I was doing well to have 43ish friends following me on Instagram...even if half of those were family and close friends/colleagues, who have to follow me by default!  Then, one night's battle with Insomnia caused me to really start searching out some awesome teaching ideas, fellow bloggers, educational hashtags, etc. (#whodoesntloveagoodhashtag).  Overnight, through following several awesome teachers, I had 100 followers...a few weeks later and I'm over 400 followers!

Now, aside from the little pangs of joy that I get when I see that someone I have admired and followed is also following me, I've found so many AWESOME benefits of being a teacher Instagrammer!  For starters, I've already virtually met and formed relationships with teachers around the country--just like the ladies involved in this Blog Hop!  I've helped proofread a new product bundle for a fellow teacher, won a free product from the wonderful Nicole Swisher, and even given a few products away.  I've seen ideas that I could quickly adapt and implement in my classroom that were free of charge, because the Instagram Teacher community is so wonderful about sharing AMAZING ideas!  In fact, I saw this Moon Cinquain Poetry idea from Ms. Coletti's Class of Characters several months ago, and adapted it for all we had learned about the sun, stars, and moon for Space Cinquain Poetry for my classroom last week!

My Instragram journey is far from over, but I've already seen what a positive impact this social media tool can be!  As teachers through Instagram, we can quickly and easily connect to peers, share in our day to day struggles & celebrations, and meet new people from the comfort of our own homes (and in my case in my yoga pants with a glass of wine)!  What an awesome opportunity to collaborate and grow as teachers!  So, get out there and hashtag it up people!  You can even start following me on Instagram by clicking on the social media links above!  I can't wait to see you on IG!

My Scavenger Hunt Letter is...

Hootfully yours,

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