Sunday, March 29, 2015

Monthly Writing Calendars BUNDLE: A TRUE Labor of Love

So early in the school year, I saw the idea of using monthly writing calendars as part of students' weekly homework routines.  I LOVED the idea and there were certainly many writing calendars on the Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers, but I wanted to be using calendars that included prompts for  different genres my students were working on each month, that included some research components, included options for creative thinking and brainstorming, and that looked CUTE!  So for the past 9 months, I've been working diligently on creating engaging, easy-to-use writing calendars!  My kids, parents, and teammates all LOVE these!

If you didn't want to use these for homework, you could use them for your Work on Writing time, Morning Work routines, or even as a Fast Finishers activity. You could simply use them for as a writing prompt idea bank, because there are 240 Writing Prompts Included!!  This BUNDLE even includes 48 seasonal papers for students to use for completing prompts.  Even though school wraps us for us at the end of May, I'm planning to send home the June and July Writing Calendars with my students to keep them writing ALL SUMMER LONG!

After 3 long days of finishing 6 months of Writing Calendars this weekend, I'm SO proud to have posted my Monthly Writing Calendars BUNDLE---which will be on sale for an additional 20% off of the already discounted bundle price through Wednesday!  The regular discounted price will be $18.00 (that is $6.00 less than buying the calendars separately!), but you can grab them for $14.40 NOW.  I truly have never been so proud of a project for my classroom and Teachers Pay Teachers!  Check them out!


Hootfully Yours,
Lindsay, The Owl Teach

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